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Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir

We are thrilled to be welcoming back the Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir this year.  They are a joy to watch; their energy and smiles are infectious and they never fail to spread pure happiness amongst an audience.

The choir are going to give us two performances this year (one in the afternoon and another in the evening).  Come and see them, you will not be disappointed.  Every penny of your ticket price will go to the Pearl of Africa charity.  Here is some information about the charity…

Pearl of Africa Child Care run six schools, nine children’s homes, a farm school and a medical clinic. They provide education, shelter, food and health care to 2000 poor, orphaned and destitute children in Uganda.

Members of the children’s choir are aged 7 years upwards and after being selected for the choir the members live, train and attend school together for nearly 8 months before they arrive in the UK.

As well as singing, members of the choir dance and many of them are also accomplished musicians, drummers and composers. During the tour their mixture of traditional African singing and dancing mixed with their vibrant personalities and colourful costumes excite and entertain audiences across the country. The choir is led by ex choir member Gloria who works with the members to compose many of the songs heard during the tour.